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Was new to the area - had a pregnant nanny goat that had a difficult delivery-She was injured and was sick to the point where she needed to be put down.She was in extreme pain.I called Choctaw Vet clinic to get some help with my nanny to relieve her suffering.

I could not lift her as I am disabled and was told by the vet I cant help you-There was no money to be made so he did not care.

Recently found out that this " Animal Rescue ***"DIANE FRANKE that has been pestering me for 6 months took it upon herself that she was going to take one of my goats to Dr.Larry Salyer to be euthanized-Never mind that the animal DID NOT BELONG TO HER and that IT WAS NOT HER DECISION TO MAKE.Dr.Salyer supposedly was going to take a stolen animal and put him down without my consent or knowledge.UNFRGGIN BELIEVABLE

Unbelievable considering the cold and indifferent response that I got when I asked for help with my dying nanny-Wont help me but he will help his animal rescue fanatic buddy Diane Franke of AntlerS Ok.

Clearly this Dr. is in his practice for the wrong reasons-GO ELSEWHERE STAY AWAY FROM CHOCTAW VET CLINIC IN HUGO OK

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